Nicolas Novac

Art is Life

Simplicity is the new sophistication.

My work attempts to emphasize on the reality of a world that seems unable to stop, to take a break for a few moments, if only to savor the life's splendor. We are  gears in a system that turns to obsession.

I hope my paintings have the power to transform our aesthetic perception and invite us to reflection, to dive deep inside ourselves, looking for inner self.

I am continuously in search of the undefined... and it is not because I want, or I must do it, it is rather this powerful inner force, which asks my subconscious to continue to seek this "something" ... difficult to define, the ultimate truth for some ... or the essence of life ... the soul movement for others ... or ... the unbearable lightness of being.

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In search of the undefined... the unbearable lightness of being. 

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The main theme is the human being, his strengths, his weaknesses. Read more...