The only sincere confidence we make is the one we do indirectly.
Art is an indirect confidence. 

Hi, I'm Nicolas

About Me

 The main theme of my work is the human being, his strength, his courage, his weaknesses. My works are reflections of the movement of our soul in this world, which as fragile as it seems, it leads us throughout LIFE. 

 I hope to be able to touch the public of any age and that everyone finds reflected in my works.
I want to offer an experience, where the anyone could revive an encounter with a close one, or better yet, live a completely new experience where he (she) would be unable to express his (her) emotions, which will transport him (her) into a dimension never explored before.

 I am continuously in search of the undefined... and it is not because I want, or I must do it, it is rather this powerful inner force, which asks my subconscious to continue to seek this "something" ... difficult to define, the ultimate truth for some ... or the essence of life ... of the soul for others ... or ... the unbearable lightness of being.


Bachelor's degree in visual arts

Solo Shows

2023 -  Into the light  - Saint Lazare Library
2022 - Summer in Arts - Pincourt Library
2021 – Soul gestures – Maison Trestler, Vaudreuil-Dorion
2020 – Soul gestures – Maison Trestler, Vaudreuil-Dorion
2019 – Exquisite moment – Hangart Sant Denis, Montréal
2018 – L’insoutenable fragilité de l’être – Galerie Éphémère, Vaudreuil-Dorion
2017 – L’idylle éphémère – Hôtel de ville, Pincourt
2016 – Le rêve d’Icare – Bibliothèque de Pincourt, Pincourt
2008 – Richiede il tempo – Istituto Romeno di Cultura, Venezia
2003 – Le besoin de vol – Galerie Rotonda, Iasi, Romanie

Group Shows - jury selection

2017 - Art Tour International – Florence, Italie
2017 - Montreal World Trade Center  –  Montréal, Canada
2016 – Global art League – Montréal, Canada
2016 – International Gallery of the Arts – Toronto, Canada
2016 - Montreal Art Center, Montréal, Canada
2008 - Istituto Romeno di Cultura, Spoleto, Italie – 23 mai au 21 juin
2001 – Istituto Romeno di Cultura, Venise, Italie –  14 février au 13 mars
2000 – Istituto Romeno di Cultura, Venise, Italie – 23 mai au 21 juin


2019 – Arts and Culture Councils - Vaudreuil-Soulanges - Award
2017 –  ATIM'S Top 60 Masters Award
2016 –  Global Art League – Award - second place
2016 –  International Gallery of the Arts – Award - second place


Member RAAV (Regroupement des artist en art visuel du Quebec)
Member de CACVS (Conseil des Arts et de la culture de Vaudreuil-Soulanges)
Member de M.E.A.L. (Le Mouvement d’Expression Artistique Libre) Pincourt