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Nicolas Novac was born in Romania, in the village of his grandparents, in the region of Bukovina, in the north of the country. He spends the holidays of his childhood with his grandmother who introduces him to drawing and painting. At school, he has been noticed quickly with his charcoal drawings of still life and unusual landscapes.

He earned a Bachelor degree at University of Fine Arts, George Enesco, Iasi, Romania in 1998. After moving in Montreal in the early 2000s, he earns a multimedia degree at University of Montreal in 2004. In 2010, he decides to settle in the region of Vaudreuil-Solange. Since then, he has grown deep roots in the region by involving in several artistic projects. He meets incredible people who are a model and a constant inspiration for him and who helped him to grow as an artist.

n July 2016, he won the public's favorite at the exhibition Art in the summer, Pincourt - Ille Perrot. That same year, in October he wins the second place in a juried competition, at Montréal Art Center. In 2017, he has been nominated for the ATIM Master Award, being considered one of 60 masters of the contemporary art of the moment. In 2019 Council for Arts and Culture of Vaudreuil-Soulanges, announce him as one of the three winners of 2019-2020 of TRACE.

His works attempt to emphasize on the reality of a world that seems unable to stop, to take a break of a few moments, if only to savor the pleasures of life and enjoy its splendor. "We are dealing with a gear system that turns to obsession. Nicolas has always had a strong connection with abstract art and his artistic path has led him to express himself in this universal language. His paintings have the power to transform our aesthetic perception and invite us to reflect, to dive deep inside ourselves. He hopes to reach the audience of any age and that everyone finds himself reflected in each of his works. He wishes to offer a life experience, where the spectator could live again, for a brief moment, an encounter with a loved one, or even better, a completely new experience, where he would be unable to express his emotions and who will take him into a dimension never explored before. To make his artworks, Nicolas don’t favor a specific media and does not hesitate to use acrylic paint, Indian ink, charcoal, airbrush, plaster, gears and various objects that he molds himself.